A Positive Option

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About A Positive Option              

Patricia Reynolds has been a Life Coach from as far back as she can remember...  She had her first session in the girl’s bathroom in middle school at age 13 years old... Since then, I have become an empathic and resourceful business professional who is passionate about using my clinical skills and talents to motivate and empower my clients, especially women, to live authentic lives. I have a unique understanding about the confluence of spiritual lack and mental health. I have worked with a wide variety of clients; from mentally ill to domestic violence victims; from Christian to Gay & Lesbian.

I have found that when people seek direction, they actually have less choice than they think they have. I have seen this in the emotional eater, the addictive gamer, shopaholic, Cyber abuser, the alcoholic, the gambler, the mental health consumer, and the person who feels a little off kilter. I have an understanding of the many barriers that prevent people from reclaiming their lives. 

I take a holistic approach to wellness that is catered to a person’s specific needs in the moment. I value exploration of factors that impact a person’s daily life, such as family, community, and spirituality.  I specialize in using a harm reduction approach to decrease addiction severity and integrating life skills training for mental health symptom management. Together, we work to identify the primary concern and develop strategies to move you forward. I value our relationship and attempt to create a safe space to focus on your concerns. I focus on understanding and balancing emotions, mindfulness, and self-acceptance. I offer a new level of personal care.  Life Coaching is facilitated in your home, at a private office, SKYPE, a location of your choice, or a private phone session. Access to e-mail is available at all times. Often clients like to take a walk, go out for coffee or tea...

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